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 RD4300 embedded in cinema AGM
07.11.2019 10:18 | embedded module

With the progress of social development, people are no longer limited to food and clothing, but more to spiritual enjoyment,This has spawned many industries, such as KTV, bars, cinemas and tourist attractions around the world. But today I want to talk about our cinema.

For our cinema, I'm sure everyone is familiar with it. When we enter the cinema, we first need to open the QR code of the movie ticket we ordered online, then go to the self-service ticket machine, and aim the QR code at the scanning area. After the scanning is successful, the machine will issue the ticket soon, basically without waiting.Moreover, during the second period, the authenticity and validity of movie tickets are guaranteed. Compared with the previous manual ticket sales, this self-service ticket sales is very efficient. Because with the improvement of material life, more and more people are willing to pursue spiritual enjoyment, but manual ticket sales can not meet the growing number of consumers.

We need a more efficient and efficient business model. But how can we do it? Our embedded module RD4300 can do it

Our RD4300 is small in size and light in weight, which is especially suitable for embedding into these terminal devices. Moreover, it has two interfaces of USB and RS232, which is more convenient to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, it can scan one or two-dimensional code, which has good effect on both paper code and screen code, and its own LED light make it work in the case of light shortage.

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