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 Is an Industrial Grade Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Expensive?
25.11.2019 07:44 | embedded module

Industrial grade fixed mount barcode scanners cost is high level due to their superior quality. In cases when scanning laser etched code or DPM code, or various data matrix code on shiny surface, such as medical device or auto parts, such high level barcode scanners are used. For a long time, this market belongs to famous brands, such as Dataman, Cognex etc. Now Rakinda launches a new model LV3000U Plus rugged barcode scanner catering to such applications. 

The fixed mount scanner LV3000U Plus is installed with latest scanning algorithm and it is capable of scanning moving barcode on production line. Rakinda also customized I/O control box for the scanner. It will greatly reduces the cost for users. 

Even if the environment is harsh, it is no problem to use the LV3000U Plus scanner because it is IP68 grade with perfect seal to prevent moisture or dust. It is an industrial grade level fixed mount scanner indeed. 

If your application leaves limited space for the scanner, you can move out the enclosure to get the scan engine working. It is flexible to use. 

Rakinda, established in 2000, has been focused on the innovation of IOT products and our vision is to promote people’s lifestyle with lasted IOT technology. Now it is the era of internet of things. All thing are connected. If you need the whole barcode scanner solution, please kindly contact Rakinda. Our advantages are barcode scanner products but what we can offer is much more than barcode scanner firmware. We can offer a customized barcode scan solution. 

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