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 QR Code Go Global and Universal
09.01.2020 05:31 | qr code reader

QR code are an open type of coding that has been widely used in Japan and around the world, and has been further popularized through specifications and standards. In 1997, it was adopted as the AIM specification for automatic identification of the industry. In 1999, it was defined as standard two-dimensional code by Japanese industry and Japanese automobile industry, and was designated as ISO international standard in 2000. Now, all countries in the world are using QR codes.

DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED has a patent for QR codes, but the company has made it clear that it will not be occupied. Because it's a policy that was opened, it reflects the idea of a developer: "expect more people to use qr code." The cost and ease of using qr codes is now a "public code" that has been widely used around the world.

In 2002, qr code became available to everyone. Because mobile phones with QR code reading function start to go public. This incredible graphics to attract people, through the mobile phones to read qr codes can be easily access to the mobile site, or coupons can be obtained.Because of the convenience, qr codes rapidly promoted in society.

But mobile phone reading is slower than the industrial-grade qr code reader, so some industrial-grade hand-held and embedded qr code readers are popular with the market,like RD4500R fixed mount barcode scanner and RK1302 qr code scanner guns.

Today, QR codes are more widely used, with business CARDS, airport ticketing systems, and more. QR codes have become an indispensable tool in business activities and people's lives.

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