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 LV3396 Qr Code Scanner Embedded Into Handheld PDA
11.10.2019 11:21 | 2D Barcode Scanner Module

LV3396 qr code scanner embedded into the handheld scanner PDA devices,as a new 1d or 2d barcode automatic identification, acquisition and data transmission technology,has been widely used in logistics, storage, medical, financial, retail and manufacturing and other fields.The RAKINDA IOT company provides a guarantee for data acquisition and real-time transmission.

The use of bar code technology can achieve automatic data collection to ensure that the accuracy and effectiveness of the data, while reducing the workload and working hours.The handheld PDA universal embedded LV3396 qr code scanner,for example, its excellent decoding performance and precision fast reading efficiency is widely used in the following areas:

(1).Logistics:the delivery of data collection and transmission to the built-in handheld PDA device embedded LV3396 barcode scanner module to read the bar code above the package.Combined with data transmission performance will be transmitted the barcode information to the background system,to achieve data Query, information tracking and other business functions.
(2).Logistics and distribution:such as storage inventory,postal delivery, drug distribution,it need for bar code scanning technology.
(3).Chain stores: mainly used for stores into, sales, storage, disk, transfer, back, set and membership management and other data collection and transmission, while the store inventory check to achieve.
(4).Other:such as cinema tickets,train tickets,scenic tickets and other tickets’ data collection by handheld PDA device.

LV3396 qr code scanner with the following features:
(1).Compact,with very good embedded,it is easy to be embedded into the handheld terminal equipment.
(2).Decoding performance,it is easy to solve the recognition problem of LCD and screen bar code from mobile phone;
(3).High frequency and low power consumption,to extended equipment life and working hours;
(4).More interfaces,it is easy to secondary development;

 - 2D Barcode Scanner Module

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